gender gender gender…

Uni work is kind of taking over my life. Not just in a typical third year way. The days spent hanging out in the gender section of the library are really taking their toll. I love gender studies, the way that men and women see and interact with each other in a never ending struggle between matriarchy and patriarchy is fascinating to me.

However, the endless amounts of books that I am reading about masculinity in all its forms are not only infiltrating my brain, but are seeping out into any other conversation I may have in the real world. Generally it all boils down to sex, but with words like ‘castration’, ‘phallic power’ and ’emasculated’ providing a saucy icing. After Tuesdays lecture, when after work drink conversation turned onto the subject of Twilight, where I went to explain why women were so obsessed with Vampire culture (something along the lines of wanting to drink the blood of the glamorous image they want to be like, thus becoming vampires themselves), which was met with raised eyebrows and silence. Its great that I am digesting all this critical theory. It’s not so great to verbally regurgitate the contents of this delightful meal on the unsuspecting public.

Furthermore, because I am constantly reading about it, I am constantly thinking about it, thus sex is forever on the brain. It is really hard not to when reading things like The Male Body by Susan Bordo or Female Desire by Rosalind Coward. But then sex is everywhere to be readily digested in culture anyway. Too much for my little brain (and my ovaries). Too much as well for the sufferers of my sexually deconstructive ramblings all around me. Over analyzing, is not a good thing.

Maybe I should stick to portait miniatures. And then overanalyse how we frame and view everything. Then I really will lose all my friends.


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