Fake Blood – gourgetastic!

Last night was an event I have been looking forward to for a very long time; Fake Blood at Digital. I have been a fan of this DJ for quite a while (as well as his part of his collective work with the Black Ghosts), and a previous set earlier in the year was one of my favourite gigs of the year.

The club was packed with perky pulsating students – bar a few old stragglers (bad auntie being one of them). The girls with their primed hair were donning fake blood over their over perfected faces (much to our amusement), and which would eventually be dripping off the walls – it was completely a sweat pit.

Mr Blood himself? Majestic. No words to describe the phatness transcending from his fingers, so you dance like a raving loon to it instead, becoming crazier as the night drew on.  At points he build with a pulsating techno tune, but dropping an almighty raving base wobbler (you might be forgiven for thinking the subs were fans until you realized they stole your eardrums). He even possessed a slick remix of ‘Cyrstalised’ by the XX, which scores him extra respect points with the Brightonians. Initally ending on a smart reedit of Mars, he was encored a record 5 times, surreally mashing up Abba (the kids loved it). And judging by the smile on his face, I think he likes us too.

Nothing like a good dance to great music to make you feel alive. Though many of my moves would not had been so gracefully accomplished without the double pants theory. Cheers girls xxx


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