Wired Sussex

For the first time in what feels absolutely ages, I am feeling very positive about what the future has to offer, particularly post degree. Can’t believe I am typing this. I am actually positive about what will happen when I finish my degree. I actually did a little excited dance when I got home. Don’t worry, I am shocked at myself.

This time last week, I as terrified. I had been attending endless career sessions, all spurting the same uninspiring message; to get a good career you need to get an M.A. Great news when you have just spent £9000 to make yourself more employable, when you need to spend another £9000 to actually get a job. Yay.

However, I have just been to a session called ‘Make it into media’ organized by Wired Sussex. There was careers advice from the local colleges, universities, as well as media stands from some local companies. Before the day I was veering towards journalism in some way (with trepidation), but really still unsure about what I should be doing in my life. Now… I am positively excited. Not only is digital media expanding, but exponentially in Brighton, but copy-writing for websites and blogs seems like a interesting area to look into. I had a lovely chat with a PR company, and they seemed very interested in what I had to offer. Gutted I have had to join twitter to stay ahead of the game; I said I never would, I hate being a sheep.

Everyone else I chatted too was very friendly, welcoming, and above all positive. The first time I had that feeling about graduating. I was previously very concerned about being able to stay in Brighton, as I was convinced there were no jobs here. Maybe I was looking at completely the wrong industry, and I have just been shown the light.

The best thing about the day? I didn’t hear the word M.A being uttered once.


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