derilict becomes delictable…

Hmmm… alot of time had passed since I have written anything. Great proactiveness over the summer for an aspiring writer. Could use any number of excuses, but really my procrastination just isn’t being put to good use. Must try harder to hone the wordsmithing… I know the materials are there.

A friend recently showed this amazing video to me and my friends at a party and wowed us all (there was a jawdropping silence for at least half of the 8 minute film). This particular film was by a Graffiti artist called Blu, and involved his linear and scratchy David Shrigley like charaters morphing into each other as they escape the 2/d derelict landscape of  Buenos Aires and Baden that cages them. They have this distasteful quality to them… see one of these peices on the wall and you would think that a child with social problems has vetted their agnst to the wall. But in a stop-motion animation, the grotesqueness transforms into a special charm, that delights at every twist and turn.

However, this video, which was posted on Blu blog on the 23rd of September, I think is more spectacular. A collaboration with another artist that I can only describe as an urban Guerrilla artist (I know nothing about him); David Ellis and Blu made this work over 10 days in an abandoned Villa in Italy during FameFestival2009. Whereas in the previous video you can see by the skyline how the artist has returned to the spot at different times of the day, in this video you can see their quick pace to explore the space as the sun travels over the courtyard. Shame it repeats itself though… but maybe things are appreciated more the second time around.


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