Mad Mad Men

I have fallen head over heels in love with Mad Men. I am
generally a sucker for anything gendery, but Mad Men is a visual feast. You have it all
in your grasp. Sex and power crazy men, always eying up the next bourbon and floozy. You have the depressed Mrs Draper, the beautiful personification of the bored housewife… how ironic she is called Betty as she struggles with the problem with no name. And then, you have Peggy. The Pre-raphaelite goddess. She may be a small and dandy little daisy to begin with, but she blossoms into one of the most perplexing characters… even if you do end up staring at her ridiculous fringe most of the time.

The Pace is bemusing, very very very slow at first… but it builds to a crescendo of revelation and shock… and then all the secrets are rolled back under the carpet again. Its all very 1960’s.


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