It’s been a while…

It has been ages since I have written a post… mostly due to essaydom, but really due to pure laziness (or celebration post essaydom), so now I have some time to spare I must keep spewing the verbal diarrhea in a way that I can control it, rather than on poor unsuspecting people I met in the street. Trout anyone?

And this is the horrible thing, when you are trying to write a day to day thing your mentality is completely blocked, but when you look back, you think; “Shit, I actually have loads to write about.” Some of the VC girls and I went to see Passion Pit last Tuesday… who were bloody awesome. You could tell they were a bit nervous, as it was their first UK gig, but when someone heckled for ‘Sleepyhead,’ they got a spring in their step and made a few jokes about it being the club mix. A refreshing change from the polished repetitiveness that Hockey offered afterwards.

I Must… I Must… write more 🙂


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