Changeling with a Movie Camera…

Finally got around to watching Changeling last night. In all honesty I was putting it off a bit due to stories of extreme devastation at the horrifying nature of Christine Collins torment. The subject is very challenging, and in some respects surprising (The film lost  two votes for the Palme D’or at the Cannes film festival because the critics didn’t believe it was based on a true story), but it was very rewarding. The whole thing to me read like like a Edward Hopper painting; the make-up and styling,  Jolie’s passive character, and the feeling of psychotic fragility throughout the whole thing…

Not as amazing as Man With a Movie Camera. I would want to be a VJ just so I could play that stunning piece of film at a very chilled out summer evening party at sunset – with the cinematic orchestra soundtrack. Obviously. I can’t even begin to describe how  brilliant it is. Just see it.


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