Sadly… Kitsch wins

One of my New Years revolutions is to write more… to encourage myself to be more cerebral and not turn my brain into heat world infested skull of mushy peas. Although with the ominous presence celebrity Big Brother spiked with the hilariousness of  Verne Troyer, its only a matter of time before I get sucked into that awful world. However it is January4th and I still have not written anything. I would be stupid to presume I should be able to write something of a certain degree of intelligence daily, but in theory, considering the amount of time I spend procrastinating everyday, my time should really be put to good use.

I have been drilling my head full of Abstract expressionism and Clement Greenberg over the last few days for impending essay doom… and you realise its starting to go in when you read something and think ‘wow,’ that applies to this in this way and that to that… For example Gordon Brown trying to configure a ‘New Deal’ for the pending economic downfall. But sadly… although that is the route I know I should be going down… the sad, tacky, brain rot that is celebrity culture will always prove more interesting. As Mr Greenberg says… given a choice… we will always pick the tat, no matter how cultured and intellectual as a society we are. I type this as I am tabbing between Facebook chat and BBC entertainment news. What a saddo.


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