Finally figured out how to get RSS feeds into my inbox. Thinking it should save me time, but it is more likely to waste more so. So, when I should be finding out how Abstract expressionism was a weapon of the cold war, I am again waking up late and listening to new music. Except this is actually new.

The Guardian today is telling me about Radio Playlists, and Mr Radio One gave a new names. Sure, Passion Pit sounds like MGMT before they broke into the studio, and anything a-la-Mark Ronson will amuse the masses, but its the fresh take to things oh so similar that are again proving most interesting.

Dan Black is unsigned but producing solo material after breaking from The Servant. I love that he has been called a young Liam Gallagher as if he had been raised by Quentin Crisp. His single Hypnotiz is not only a cover of a Notorious B.I.G track but has taken a sample from the film ‘Starman,’ and inconspicuously used The Kick Drum from Rhianna’s Umbrella. Normally, I am very wary of mass copycatting, but this tune sounds so fresh and well, works. And it will be huge… particularly after being touted by Parez Hilton and Zane Lowe. Maybe mass recycling is the future of Modern music. After Yesterday’s post I found out that John Fruciante of Red Hot Chili Peppers Fame would be doing a cover of ‘Song to The Siren’ on his new album, and I got very excited. Has originality blown out of he window, or is it all about putting your own stamp on things?

I need to stop my Wikipedia addiction. x


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