As a continuation from my Dear Diary Project at Uni, it made sense to jump on the bandwagon and start a blog, particularly as my visual and audio appeasings are all from the internet anyway.

Today I skipped uni to try and do some work… but to no avail. Instead deliberating the musings of Tim Buckley and his son Jeff (of which the latter is undoubtedly more brilliant). This always happens when I get new music. I think it will help me work, but instead I play ‘Song to the Siren’ over and over again, like a teenager who has just had her heart ripped out. Then have to get the ghostly Harmonic 33 to counteract it, who are so brilliantly unknown they don’t even have a wiki page.

I do love new music… but its exactly the reason why I am confusing Mark Rothko with Casper and Rusko. lol


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